August 11, 2015

3Pillar, Rockbridge, & University of Maryland Presentation Finalist for Best Practitioner Award

A study from 3Pillar Global, Rockbridge Associates, and the Center for Excellence in Service at the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland was a finalist for the Best Practitioner Award at the 2015 Frontiers in Service Conference.

The study, which focuses on factors that influence software development success, was presented at the conference by Charles Colby of Rockbridge Associates. It was one of three finalists for the Best Practitioner Award. Over 250 abstracts were submitted for presentations. Of those, only half were chosen to present at the four-day conference. Of those that included a company and university as authors, only three were chosen as finalists for the Best Practitioner Award.

The presentation, titled What Drives Successful Product Development and Innovation in the Software Development Process?, included an overview of the dimensions of product development success, as well as insights into how companies can benchmark their product development and innovation success. It provided an in-depth look at the six factors the study found were key: culture, feedback, communication, staffing, collaboration, and time/budget focus. Charles Colby led the study with Professor Sunil Mithas, Tony Orlando and Erin Norman as co-authors.

The conference was hosted and sponsored by IBM, Cisco Systems, and the Lucas Graduate School of Business at San José State University, and was co-sponsored by the Center for Excellence in Service at the University of Maryland, the INFORMS Service Science Section, and the American Marketing Association’s Service Special Interest Group. It is the world’s leading annual conference on service research and management and consisted of over 120 sessions on a myriad of service topics, including service science, service IT, service marketing, service operations, and service management.

For more information on the Product Development Success Study and the PDSI, please visit There you can read more about the six factors that were identified as crucial to an organization’s ability to develop software products successfully. You can also fill out a brief 25 question survey to get your company’s PDSI grade.

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