August 31, 2016

3Pillar and Invincea Labs Mentioned in DARPA Press Release

Invincea Labs and 3Pillar Global were mentioned in a DARPA press release that came out this week on DARPA’s SIGMA nuclear radiation detection program.

Titled Ushering in a New Generation of Low-Cost, Networked, Nuclear-Radiation Detectors, the release covers the successful development and demonstration of a connected network of mobile devices that can help detect traces of radioactive materials. The demonstration occurred over the course of a month-long span in the New York metropolitan area.

The press release includes the video embedded below, which features DARPA’s Dr. Vincent Tang giving a roughly 5 minute lecture at DARPA’S “Wait, What? A Future Technology Forum” in September 2015. For large-scale implementation, DARPA is planning to demonstrate SIGMA’s city- and regional-scale monitoring in 2017 before transitioning the system to local, state, and federal authorities in 2018.


A wide range of suppliers has been enlisted by DARPA to help build out the SIGMA program. It includes companies and institutions providing detectors; algorithm development, system modeling, and analysis; and network, algorithm integration, and deployment lead. Invincea Labs is listed as the provider for the network, algorithm integration and deployment lead with support from 3Pillar, Eucleo, and Berkeley Applied Analytics.

You can read the full DARPA press release for more information. To learn more about Invincea Labs, please visit their website at