September 14, 2017

3Pillar to Sponsor INDUSTRY: The Product Conference

Industry: The Product Conference will be held from September 14th through September 15th in Cleveland, Ohio. 3Pillar Global will be a sponsor of the conference, which is hosted by Product Collective each year.

Industry: The Product Conference is the biggest multi-day product management summit, with over 600 attendees converging to learn about and discuss the latest disruptive trends in the product industry. The conference follows four content tracks over two days: Ideation, Design, Development, and Growth. Each day will feature speaker sessions, broken up with Fireside Chats and Talk Shops that allow attendees a chance to talk with the speakers and ask specific questions. Jonathan Rivers, CTO of 3Pillar Global, will be co-hosting all of the Fireside Chats and helping to facilitate these conversations.

Thursday of the conference will be focused on Ideation and Design, with three presentations dedicated to each topic, along with a Fireside Chat and two Talk Shops throughout the day. The focus on Friday will be Development and Growth, with three presentations for each topic again, along with a Fireside Chat and two Talk Shops throughout the day. Notable speakers for Industry include Ty Ahmad-Taylor, the VP of Product Marketing for Facebook; Sam Goertler, a Senior Product Manager for Kickstarter; and Nick Caldwell, the VP of Engineering for Reddit.

Industry: The Product Conference is put on by Product Collective, which is a community intent on redefining and shaping the future of product management. The collective hosts Industry each year as a way to connect product people all over the world. Product Collective also produces Product Brief, a weekly newsletter, and Product Lunch, a monthly webinar.

For more information on Industry: The Product Conference, including a full agenda and information on how to register to attend, please visit the official conference website. Industry: The Product Conference will take place at the Cleveland Public Auditorium in Cleveland, Ohio.