October 28, 2014

3Pillar Hosting Open Source Meetup in Noida, India

3Pillar’s Noida office will play host to the first 3Pillar Open Source Meetup at our offices in Noida on Friday, November 14th.

The open source revolution has brought about some great strides in the world of technology. Today, enterprise companies have the option to think beyond proprietary software that often involves expensive licenses and high, long-term maintenance costs. Wipro, one of the leading IT companies in India, is planning one such initiative where it will bring on board a team of 10,000 professionals to drive several open source initiatives.

The 3Pillar Open Source Meetup is an event that will delve deep into some of the cutting-edge open source work that’s coming to the shore. The event will be broken down into two sessions. The first session will feature a keynote by 3Pillar’s Sayantam Dey, Director of Advanced Technology Group, on the open source movement and will reference the development of a popular OAuth library called SocialAuth.

SocialAuth is a Java library that provides OAuth authentication via services like Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Salesforce, and many others. OAuth is an open-source authorization framework that allows third-party applications to obtain limited access to an HTTP service. In layman’s terms, it allows an application like a website or mobile app to grant access to a user with their Twitter or Gmail log-in credentials. The popularity of SocialAuth can be gauged from the fact that these libraries have registered more than 50,000 downloads to date.

The second session covers Amazon Web Services (AWS) and will be delivered by Manoj Bisht, Architect at 3Pillar Global.

The address for our office in Noida and contact information for any queries is:

3Pillar Global
B-25, Sector-58
Noida, India
Contact: Kapil Dhiman
Tel: 0120-6756999 | Ext: 363
Email: kapil.dhiman@3pillarglobal.com

The event will run from 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM, with the first session scheduled for 6:30 PM and the second session for 7:30 PM. There will also be a Q&A session before wrapping up the proceedings. Anyone who is interested in joining can register on the event’s Meetup page.