October 31, 2014

3Pillar to Host and Speak at ‘Be Fast and Curious’ Event

3Pillar’s Cluj-Napoca, Romania office will play host to an all-day technical event on software development and web development called “Be Fast & Curious” on December 13th. The event will run from 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM and is free to attend.

The morning session will get kicked off at 10:00 AM with a talk from Tudor Girba of CompuGroup Medical Schweiz. Tudor will make a presentation titled “Software Assessment: the Elephant in the Development Room.” The crux of Tudor’s talk will be the importance of assessing the state of a software system on a continual basis. Software assessment should be an integral part of the software engineering discipline, Tudor believes, and failure to address it on a continual basis costs companies untold time and money. For more on his thoughts on the subject, you can visit the Human Assessment website or follow @HumaneA on Twitter.

3Pillar’s Cornel Stefanache will follow Tudor with a talk titled “The State of Web Development.” Cornel will discuss current trends in the world of web development through a historical lens. Cornel will give a brief history of the world wide web and talk about how what started as a military project ended up becoming one of the most influential mediums and platforms in the history of the world.

In the afternoon, three workshops will take place in parallel from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM. Cornel Stefanache will conduct a workshop on getting started with AngularJS. AngularJS is an open source web application framework that has become wildly popular within the development community in the last year. Cornel will cover how AngularJS works and talk about the various advantages and disadvantages of this popular open-source web application framework.

Tudor Girba will follow on to his morning talk with a workshop titled “Humane Assessment by Example.” The examples that he gives will be based on the Moose analysis platform. Moose is an open source platform for software and data analysis that helps developers analyze their software systems cost effectively.

Rounding out the workshops will be 3Pillar’s Sever Banesiu, who will give a workshop titled “Asynchronous Programming in Python.” This hands-on workshop will look at asyncio, a new asynchronous networking component that was added to the standard library in Python 3.4.

Visit the event’s page on Eventbrite to view the entire list of speakers, the detailed agenda, and to get tickets!