December 10, 2019

3Pillar Global’s David DeWolf, Jessica Hall Selected for Consumer Technology Association’s ‘Gary’s Book Club’

Co-authors’ new book ‘The Product Mindset’ to be featured at CES 2020

FAIRFAX, Va. –  3Pillar Global, a leading developer of innovative digital products, today announced that, “The Product Mindset,” the new book from CEO David DeWolf and VP of Product Strategy and Design Jessica Hall, has been selected for the 2020 Gary’s Book Club, part of the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) from the Consumer Technology Association (CTA).

“CES has always been a place that inspires me with new ideas and concepts. Every year, I take what I learn back to 3PIllar to help our clients and customers build the digital products that can change not just their business but the world,” said DeWolf. “I’m thrilled to have a chance to do the same for other business leaders as part of Gary’s Book Club.”

“This book was born as a passion project from the decade-plus of business transformation David and I have walked through with our clients, and we’re thrilled to now share those hard-earned insights at CES with so many other business leaders who are on the frontlines in the struggle to succeed in today’s digital-first economy,” said Hall. 

CTA President and CEO Gary Shapiro chooses a select number of titles each year for his annual Gary’s Book Club, highlighting authors whose work addresses today’s top issues in the technology industry. DeWolf and Hall join the ranks of previous Gary’s Book Club honorees, including acclaimed novelist John Grisham, mathematician Stephen Wolfram, Cisco Chairman Emeritus John Chambers, CNET Senior Managing Editor Dan Ackerman and others.

The authors selected for Gary’s Book Club are featured during CES, the annual trade show presented by CTA in Las Vegas, Nevada where thousands of technology industry innovators, experts and consumers from around the world gather for exhibitions and discussions of groundbreaking consumer technology advances. David and Jessica will participate in an onstage discussion of the book on January 9 at 12 p.m. PT with a book signing to immediately follow.

Released on September 17, 2019, “The Product Mindset: Succeed in the Digital Economy by Changing the Way Your Organization Thinks” takes readers step-by-step through the business philosophy that propelled 3Pillar from a 10-person boutique consultancy to a global company in under a decade and now directs all of 3Pillar Global’s work for clients.

In addition to their onstage participation, David and Jessica will also host an exclusive Product Mindset Roundtable breakfast on January 8 where CES attendees will be able to engage with the authors and innovative ideas of “The Product Mindset.” 



For more information about “The Product Mindset” at CES, click here.

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