October 2, 2015

3Pillar Global’s Dan Greene to Present at Code Writer’s Workshop

3Pillar Global’s Dan Greene will present at this year’s Code Writer’s Workshop on October 2. Dan’s presentation, titled “The Developer Career Fork in the Road,” will focus on how to choose the best track to follow as a software developer.

Software developers moving up in their position eventually are faced with a choice: to advance, they must choose to become either a technical generalist, a specialist, or to continue on a management path. Dan’s presentation will outline the ramifications of this choice, as well as the options available to developers after the choice has been made.

The Code Writer’s Workshop is a one day event focused on tapping into the keys to developer success that go beyond simply coding. The event features a series of talks, panels, and lessons, as well as a workshop, given by some of the coding industry’s most successful developers. This year’s workshop is produced by Modev, with Stack Overflow and Capital One as partners. The event is held in Arlington, VA.

If you’d like to know more about the Code Writer’s Workshop, you can visit the official event website for a full schedule, a list of speakers, and information on how to attend. If you’d like to keep up with Dan, you can follow him on Twitter.