November 14, 2012

3Pillar Global Unveils 3Pillar Labs

Focus on Emerging Technologies Helps Clients Bring New Products to Market Faster and Capture Revenue Opportunities
Fairfax, VA – November 13, 2012 – 3Pillar Global, a product development partner creating software that accelerates business value, today announced its latest corporate expansion, 3Pillar Labs. The Labs, which have been in operation since June, were formed to evaluate emerging technologies and assess their viability, impact, and potential to create tangible value for clients’ software products.

Businesses face an enormous challenge, in the wake of intensifying customer demands and expectations, an unprecedented rate of technological change, and a global competitive footprint. Limited time, budgets, and resources, along with the need to execute their core operations, further exacerbate the challenge. The proactive, applied research approach of the Labs enables 3Pillar to anticipate client requirements, investigate complex, dynamic technologies and new ways of thinking, and accelerate product development by staking out a position at the forefront of innovation.

“A tsunami of change is upon us, driven by the intersection of disruptive technologies like cloud, mobile, social, location-based services, big data, and machine learning,” said Colin deSa, 3Pillar’s Senior Vice President of Product Engineering and CTO. “Companies are now able to build innovative products that drive new revenue by leveraging technology in ways that did not exist even a couple of years ago. With the Labs, we can analyze and test the latest technological advances in a research and development environment and help our clients harness these advances to build new product offerings. In addition, we’ll develop common components and product accelerators and use that intellectual property to shorten the delivery cycle of next-generation applications for our clients.”

Abhinav Maheshwari is the Chief Scientist and Director of 3Pillar Labs. He leads a team of dedicated resources that blends experienced product developers with recent college graduates handpicked for their exceptional technical and out-of-the-box thinking skills. Personnel from client delivery teams and 3Pillar’s Competency Centers for mature technologies augment the Labs staff to support research endeavors, which include:

  • Advanced Technology Prototypes – Develop proof-of-concept capabilities in areas such as mobile application frameworks, media delivery devices, and recommendation engines to demonstrate the feasibility of an approach and how it can be monetized by businesses.
  • Strategic Consulting – Provide advice to clients on technology strategy to meet business objectives, offer comparisons/contrasts on technologies, and assess client readiness to incorporate emerging technologies into product portfolios.
  • Product Accelerator Research – Explore, identify, and prototype new accelerator ideas that 3Pillar then may invest into productizing as part of its intellectual property suite.

3Pillar’s investment in the Labs offers numerous benefits to clients:

  • Identify game-changing business opportunities by working with unbiased, innovative thinkers who can evaluate emerging technologies both stand-alone and in tandem with other emerging or existing technologies;
  • Conduct focused, business-driven applied research at far less than it would cost internally;
  • Avoid costly mistakes by understanding which emerging technologies have great potential, and which do not, to develop a winning product strategy;
  • Minimize impact to current operations by receiving input on how to intelligently and effectively integrate new technologies into core products;
  • Shrink time-to-market for new products by capitalizing on prototype proof-of-concept demonstrations and their common components to accelerate development; and
  • Stay a step ahead of customers and competitors by planning for tomorrow’s products without losing focus on today’s business.

“We want to ensure that we are constantly challenging our own thinking. The Labs are as much about how we work as they are about exploring emerging technologies,” said Ken Quaglio, 3Pillar’s COO. “The Labs allow us to deal with complexity, pay attention to change, and determine what’s relevant. They also enable us to rethink how we build products and create value for our clients. With the Labs, we become a force multiplier by anticipating their needs so that we can quickly turn ideas into tangible value. So whether it’s a proof-of-concept or an evaluation of new types of interfaces, we have to lead our clients.”

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3Pillar Global builds software products for businesses, enabling them to quickly turn ideas into value. We do this through our disciplined approach to innovation and our deep expertise in disruptive technologies, such as mobile and big data. Through a collaborative and fully-integrated experience, clients have access to a global network of highly-talented, dedicated professionals.

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