June 11, 2014

3Pillar Global Sees Growing Demand for Innovate Offering

Fairfax, VA – June 11, 2014 – 3Pillar Global, a leading developer of innovative software products, today announced that it has provided its Innovate service to five companies since the offering’s launch three months ago. Companies in the education, wearables, and information technology industries have all completed the Innovate service offering, which provides concept validation through rapid prototyping and product deployment.

“The outstanding response to our Innovate offering illustrates that companies see profound opportunities for software products to advance their business,” said David DeWolf, CEO of 3Pillar Global. “Recognizing the opportunity or new idea, however, is not the hard part. Transforming that idea into a unique, revenue-generating product is, and that is exactly where we excel.”

“3Pillar’s Innovate offering has helped us narrow our focus on which new product ideas to bring to life, and what those new products should do for our clients and prospects,” said Bobby Christian, CEO at Waterfall Software. “3Pillar’s approach to Product Development goes well beyond just building a good product. The team really challenged us to think about our strategy, our business, and the priority to serve our current and future client base. We are looking forward to continuing our work with 3Pillar to bring this product to the next level.”

3Pillar’s service offerings – Innovate, Accelerate and Elevate – are built on a proven agile methodology and best practices forged over nearly a decade of experience building revenue-generating software products for clients. The Innovate service helps companies who have a product idea and want to validate it in order to continue development. The prototype can be used to test the concept with customers, or to help the product team itself further refine the product direction.

About 3Pillar
3Pillar Global builds innovative, revenue-generating software products, enabling businesses to quickly turn ideas into value. 3Pillar balances business-minded thinking with engineering expertise in disruptive technologies, such as mobile, cloud, and big data, to develop products that meet real business needs. To date, 3Pillar’s products have driven over $1 billion in revenue for industry leaders like CARFAX, PBS, and numerous others. For more information, visit www.3pillarglobal.com.