February 8, 2013

3Pillar Global and West Virginia RETI Team to Improve Trauma Patient Outcomes

Fairfax, VA – February 8, 2013 – 3Pillar Global, a product development partner creating software that accelerates business value, today announced the delivery and pilot deployment of a trauma patient care solution for the West Virginia Rural Emergency Trauma Institute (RETI). 3Pillar developed a solution to support RETI’s mission of improving West Virginia’s rural trauma system by leveraging technology to enhance communication amongst medical personnel so they can provide the best possible transportation and treatment of patients.

Getting trauma patients the care they need on the shortest timeline is critical to survival. West Virginia’s regional hospitals sometimes find the level of required care dictates patients be transferred to a higher-level trauma center. The transfer process involves conducting numerous phone calls, completing extensive paper-based documentation, and executing activities in series. RETI engaged 3Pillar to develop a solution that leverages mobile and Web technology to virtually eliminate the need for phone calls, allow information to be entered and transferred electronically via workstations and smartphones, and enable physicians and other personnel to conduct tasks in parallel.

Dr. Jennifer Knight, a trauma surgeon at West Virginia University (WVU) Hospital, shared RETI’s vision for streamlining the process.  “3Pillar understood our objectives and brought them to life,” Dr. Knight said. “The pilot program is confirming that we can initiate the patient transfer process sooner, communicate vital information more consistently and less intrusively, and significantly reduce the total transfer time. By doing so, we can improve trauma patient outcomes while promoting the productivity and focus of all participants in the process.”

The 3Pillar team worked closely with Dr. Knight, RETI, and WVU Hospital’s IT staff, applying the company’s adaptive product lifecycle management methodology (Adaptive PLM) to design, develop, and deploy the mobile and Web software products. In addition to capturing the patient transfer process, the solution had to comply with HIPAA rules and regulations to protect patients’ personally identifiable information.

“We wouldn’t be where we are today without 3Pillar,” said Kristine Molnar, RETI’s Executive Director. “It was clear from the beginning that they really wanted to understand our existing and desired trauma patient transfer process, and help us bridge the gap between our objectives and the technology necessary to achieve them. Because they treated technology as the means to an end and not the end itself, we are well on our way to providing even better service to patients in our rural communities.”

“Trauma teams need clear, concise data at their fingertips,” said Dianne Black, 3Pillar’s Senior Vice President of Client Services. “Our goal was to implement Web and mobile products for RETI that were simple, user friendly, and provided the right amount of information to speed the trauma patient transfer process and help save lives.”

About RETI

West Virginia’s Rural Emergency Trauma Institute (RETI) is a non-profit organization formed in 2003 by Dr. David A. Kappel and Dr. E. Phillips Polack. RETI’s mission is to support and improve West Virginia’s rural trauma system through research, data, and analysis. The organization’s efforts have focused on enhancing communications by building and equipping a Medical Communication Command Center, facilitating construction of tower sites to upgrade the communications network, defining best practices and providing communications training to Command Center and field personnel, and leveraging technology to promote more effective communication amongst personnel so trauma patients receive the best possible hospital and inter-hospital transportation and treatment. www.wvreti.org.

About 3Pillar Global

3Pillar Global builds software products for businesses, enabling them to quickly turn ideas into value. We do this through our disciplined approach to innovation and our deep expertise in disruptive technologies, such as mobile and big data. Through a collaborative and fully-integrated experience, clients have access to a global network of highly-talented, dedicated professionals. www.3pillarglobal.com/.

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