June 5, 2013

3Pillar and the CMO Council to Host Roundtable on Powering Routes To Revenue

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3Pillar Global and the CMO Council will co-host our second roundtable of 2013 on June 25 in New York. The roundtable will focus on ways marketing professionals can and should work with their IT counterparts to strategize, design, and develop software products that drive revenue.

As consumers identify new ways to connect and consume content, media owners, publishers and content-rich organizations must meet a heightened expectation for always on, dynamic, and personalized content. But today’s content consumption is a decidedly digital affair with emerging technologies causing a level of disruption not seen before. And, beyond developing content, today’s content marketers must identify new ways to create, distribute, monitor, measure and monetize these products.

Technology driven products may very well hold the answer, but decision-making is a complex affair.  Who holds the key to all of the systems that contain rich data and intelligence that can help marketing develop even better products?  Can marketing “fail fast, fail often, and fail cheap” in the quest to innovate when they need to work closely with IT to develop new products and revenue opportunities? Where is marketing overlooking opportunity in this partnership? Where does the conversation begin?

These are just a few of the key questions we will ask as the CMO Council gathers key senior marketing executives from the media and publishing space to discuss where and how IT should be embraced to power new routes to revenue through software product development and increased digital customer engagement.

Among the key discussion topics:

  • Where does the business look to drive tangible results from product development and innovation?
  • Does the organizational continuum support or detract from truly innovative approaches – and what roles do marketing and IT play in this?
  • Where are leading companies looking to develop and sustain growth?
  • What insights should marketing derive from IT executives to develop better products? What should we be asking?
  • Is marketing fully leveraging IT as a source of innovation, or it is still just an operational cog in the marketing machine?
  • Can partners be a strategic weapon in delivering the new revenue products?
  • How do partners help bridge the marketing to IT organizations?
  • How do marketers work with IT to build digital products that promote the brand and generate leads?

All seats at the roundtable have been spoken for this time around, but be sure to keep an eye on the 3Pillar blog for a post-event rundown on what we covered.