May 29, 2015

3Pillar Among Companies Interviewed for Forrester Report on Reforming AD&D Organizations

On May 22, 2015, Forrester Research, Inc. released a report on three new models that enterprise application development and delivery (AD&D) organizations can adopt in order to increase customer support and satisfaction. Titled Reforming AD&D Organizations for Customer Obsession: The Three Models, the report cites 3Pillar as one of the companies interviewed, along with Google, NetSuite, and Oracle, among others.

The report outlines the failures befalling traditional AD&D structures in regards to customer obsession, and the need for new AD&D organizational structures, as opposed to new team structures, to account for these shortcomings. In the report, Forrester isolates four key principles necessary to guide new approaches to AD&D structuring:

  1. Know when to build products, not projects
  2. Rely on cross-discipline, domain-expert teams
  3. Build only unique value, broker the rest
  4. Do less, delegate more

Each of the three models – domain AD&D, shared-platform AD&D, and fast-delivery center of excellence – relies on and highlights the four principles in a different way. Enterprises are warned to compare each model structure to the four principles as a way to determine which new structure to implement within the broader organization.

The report was written by John R. Rymer, along with Christopher Mines, Phil Murphy, Kurt Bittner, Anjali Yakkundi, Liz Herbert, and Dominique Whittaker.

Forrester’s description of the article reads as:

Intense demands for software to win, serve, and retain customers are driving new ways of organizing application development and delivery (AD&D) groups. Yesterday’s shared-service AD&D organizations are so focused on cost efficiency that they actually slow down application delivery and innovation. Thus, AD&D organizational change is in the wind in most enterprises, guided by four ideas: know when to build products, not projects; rely on cross-discipline, domain-expert teams; build only unique value, broker the rest; and do less, delegate more.

Forrester clients can download the full report for free on the Forrester website. For non-Forrester clients, the report is available for purchase.