Dan Calinescu
VP of Product Development

About Dan Calinescu

Dan Calinescu is the Vice President of Product Development at 3Pillar Global. Dan is a true technologist who has a dream of a human-centered future in the coming Machine Era. Having spent 20+ years of his life learning about what makes machines tick, his mission is to spend the next 20+ years sharing that knowledge with others who share his core belief that humans are more valuable than machines.

Prior to 3Pillar, Dan co-founded Fluid Trends, an open source community of product developers on a mission of making the world more human through technology. He pioneered a predictive innovation methodology called Fluid Innovation Thinking, aimed at building transformational digital products, based on the neuroscience of intelligence, the psychology of productivity and the mystery of storytelling. Dan believes in the power of “Missionary Leadership” and enjoys coaching passionate future leaders in their personal journey of discovering their dreams, gifts and mission in life.

Dan holds a BS in Computer Science – Software Engineering from the University of Toronto at Scarborough.

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