February 1, 2020

Why is Quality Assurance so Important?

7 Reasons Quality Assurance is So Important

In a competitive market for software development, the quality of the products is the only thing that really matters. Concept and design cannot justify any structural flaws which would have been avoided easily. Fortunately, there is an effective way to ensure that everything might work as planned. That’s is quality assurance. Here are seven reasons to learn why is quality assurance so important.

1. Quality Assurance Saves You Money and Effort

A faulty application might cost a lot of money on your clients and users. As a result, you have to compensate for their lost or even lose their trust. With a thorough process of QA testing, you can find out any potential bugs or issues that might occur in the future. This will save you a lot of time and effort after deploying.

2. Quality Assurance Prevents Corporate Emergencies

With many software companies, the stakes would be high. A simple bug in the corporate software might result in system blackouts, communication breakdowns, or even missing data. So if you are planning to employ software throughout a firm or deal with sensitive info, make sure to implement quality assurance testing and guarantee that there is no room for errors.

3. Quality Assurance Boosts Client’s Confidence

By focusing on QA testing, you are sending your clients a message that you want to make their application run smoothly without any errors. This is especially important when you want to create long-term working relationships and improve customer loyalty.

4. Quality Assurance Enhances User Experience

It is quite obvious that user experience can be a decisive factor in the success or failure of an IT product. If your software is slow or constantly showing errors, your clients or users might feel annoyed and turn to your competitors’ products. Thus, it is vital to test your product meticulously by experienced employees to ensure that the user will run it smoothly in their daily job or task.

5. Quality Assurance Creates More Profit

If you are developing an application to sell or market, then the quality assurance process is one of the most important factors which determine if you can sell it at a higher rate. There is nothing worse than angry users who paid their money for a product which does not work as promoted.

6. Quality Assurance Improves Customer Satisfaction

In addition to profits, quality assurance can also improve the satisfaction of your customers, thus enhancing the reputation of the company. Through worth of mouth marketing, a satisfied client will tell their friends or family about your product, which helps your company enlarge the client base without spending too much money on marketing.

7. Quality Assurance Promotes Efficiency and Productivity

A faulty software can lead to hurried fixes or frantic communication, which might worsen the situation. Obviously, everybody can work better when they don’t have to deal with constant errors which can be time-consuming and challenging to fix. Being organized with quality assurance testing from the beginning of the project will enable the company to operate smoothly and more productively.

So, Why is Quality Assurance so Important?

It’s important because it helps you stay in good relations with your customers. It boosts their confidence in you, and enhances their experience working with you and your application.


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