April 17, 2020

Virtual Panel: Engineering Excellence and the Product Mindset

Product leaders have a unique opportunity to reframe how excellent engineering practices and disciplined investments make your company stronger.

This virtual panel talks about the often hidden connections between the craft of building great products, business outcomes, and the Product Mindset. This talk will enable you to:

  • Articulate the connections between themes your business stakeholders care deeply about and investments in product quality
  • Drive deeper engagement with your product teams (especially your engineers)
  • Set the stage to negotiate holistic road maps that include advances in product maturation




Scott Varho
Scott Varho is the SVP of Product Development at 3Pillar. His passion lies in building cultures that sustain high performing teams optimized for return on investment for clients through a product mindset, craftsmanship, collaboration and technology.



Ovidiu Silaghi
Ovidiu is the Senior Director of Product Development at 3Pillar Global. He is passionate about building high performing teams that create high value products that customers love.




Sayantam Dey
Sayantam is the Senior Director of Product Development at 3Pillar Global. He is a programmer with a diverse background – a polyglot, a full-stack-er with development, QA, automation, performance testing, sysadmin, and DevOps.



Deepak Aggarwal
Deepak is the Director of Product Construction at 3Pillar Global. Often referred to as the “ideaman,” his passion lies in combining creativity and out of the box thinking with technology to create new products that wow customers.