April 18, 2017

Jessica Hall and Paul Axente Present at UX Talks

On March 14, 2017, 3Pillar’s Jessica Hall and Paul Axente presented at the UX Talks event in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. UX Talks centered on how UX shapes our world, and how to utilize the skills learned from UX to advance your career.

Jessica’s presentation, titled “The Places You Can Go with a Career in UX,” explored how to use graphic design, UI design, and visual design to improve lives, grow businesses, and have a rewarding career. Paul’s presentation, titled “How to Destroy a Product,” shared the best tips and tricks to destroy a product so that it performs exactly how it should.

You can view both presentations in full below. These presentations were filmed in 360-degrees – if you are viewing this on mobile, place your mobile device in a VR headset to move around the room. If you are viewing this on a desktop, use your mouse to move the video around for a full view.

“The Places You Can Go with a Career in UX” by Jessica Hall:

“How to Destroy a Product” by Paul Axente: