April 1, 2013

“The Case for PHP” Article Featured in Today Software Magazine

Today Software Magazine is a newly-launched publication out of Romania that focuses on issues pertaining to the world of software development and software developers. A number of my 3Pillar teammates have had articles published in the magazine on topics like software design; the convergence of agile, testing, and mobile; and object-relational mapping mechanisms.

I was pleased to join the ranks of 3Pillar developers, product managers, and QA professionals who have had articles published in the magazine when my article on “The Case for PHP” ran in the magazine earlier this year. PHP is a web programming language that forms the backbone of content management systems like Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, and others.

The article compares PHP to other langauges like Perl, Python, Ruby, and ASP. It also covers the advantages and disadvantages of using PHP for web development and web application projects. Among the advantages of using PHP are the strong developer base, the amount of available detailed documentation, and the number of available resources available to developers like extensions and code libraries. These are just a few of the reasons that nearly 80% of websites in December 2012 were using PHP.

You can read the full article on The Case for PHP here.