February 13, 2017

Take 3, Scene 18: Emerging Trends in Healthcare Technology

On this episode of Take 3, we talk with Elisabeth Beller and Zareen Isaac ahead of their attendance at the HIMSS 2017 conference in Orlando, Florida. Elisabeth and Zareen join us to discuss the emerging technological trends they’re anticipating in the healthcare space.

Elisabeth and Zareen will both be attending HIMSS 2017, a conference focused on healthcare information and management systems. The conference brings together over 40,000 health IT professionals, clinicians, executives, and vendors from around the world for a 4-day conference experience.

Listen to the Episode

Episode Highlights

  • Elisabeth and Zareen outline the impact and influence technology has had on the healthcare space until this point and discuss the challenges this space is currently facing.
  • We talk about the budding effect that blockchain is having on healthcare companies and look to what kind of significance it will have in the future.
  • Zareen and Elisabeth postulate on what they believe will next shape the healthcare space in terms of technology, and share what they’re most looking forward to at HIMSS 2017.

About the Guests

Elisabeth Beller is the Vice President of Health & Wellness and Financial Services at 3Pillar Global. She is responsible for overseeing a team of Client Partners that ensure client success from a business and delivery perspective.

Zareen Isaac is a Client Partner of the Health & Wellness industry at 3Pillar Global. She is responsible for the health and growth of strategic 3Pillar client relationships, and helps companies derive value out of new or existing revenue-impacting digital products.