July 18, 2016

Security in the Software Development Space, with Gary Jackson

On this episode of The Innovation Engine, we're joined by Gary Jackson, the CEO of Codiscope, to look at security in the software development space. Among the topics we discuss are why security is of paramount importance when it comes to developing software, how a company called Codiscope is working to help developers of all stripes build more secure software from the start, and the role their new developer tool called Jacks plays in that mission.

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About Gary Jackson

Gary Jackson is the CEO of Codiscope and has over 25 years of software leadership experience. He grew Shunra Software to become an industry-recognized authority in network virtualization and application performance engineering before being acquired by HP in 2014. He also spearheaded the growth and scale of Ounce Labs to IBM, whose technology has become IBM's flagship enterprise code scanning tool. Gary has previously held leadership positions at a variety of high-tech companies including Quova (an IP geolocation service), Orzo (contract negotiation software), and Vantive (CRM Software).

About The Innovation Engine

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