April 27, 2019

On-Demand Webinar: New Models of Data Processing on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Past approaches to data processing included expensive data warehouses, fragile ETL processes, and expensive BI tools for analysis.

Learn how to leverage modern, cloud-native approaches to data ingestion and analysis to improve performance, lower cost, and improve results.

Key learnings from this on-demand webinar:

  • The key components of data processing: The four parts of data processing – Source Data; Extract, Transform, Load (ETL); Analytical Store; and Analysis Engine.
  • The differences between the old school and the latest models of data processing. Pros and cons of both the old school (from warehouses and cubes to data lakes) and the latest models of data processing in the cloud.
  • Real world examples of the latest models of data processing: Learn from our own experiences of real client engagements working on Amazon Web Services, the issues we faced and how we tackled them.

Watch the Webinar

Meet the presenters

Dan Greene: Dan Greene is the Director of Cloud Services at 3Pillar Global. Dan is an AWS Certified Solution Architect and has more than 20 years of software design and development experience, with software and product architecture experience in eCommerce, B2B integration, Geospatial Analysis, SOA architecture, Big Data, and Cloud Computing.

Dave Rocamora: Dave Rocamora is a Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services. For the last 4+ years, he has worked with teams of Solutions Architects that help AWS customers build cloud-based products the world needs and notices.