December 25, 2014

The Next Generation of Transportation, with John Estrada

On this week’s episode of "The Innovation Engine" podcast we take a look at the next generation of transportation – what barriers need to be overcome before driverless cars will be available to the general public en masse, when we can expect to start seeing connected cars hitting the highways, and how driverless transportation will impact our everyday lives in terms of safety, mobility, and the environment.

John Estrada joins us to discuss these topics and more. John is a serial entrepreneur and software expert who is the CEO of eTrans Systems. eTrans Systems was formed to support all aspects of the software development lifecycle for connected vehicle technology. John is a founder and board member of Driverless Transportation, the premier destination online for information on autonomous and connected vehicles. He’s also a founding partner of Dering & Estrada, an investment company that provides business acceleration and software development services to early stage companies and service organizations of large organizations.

Here are some highlights from this podcast episode with John Estrada:

  • We talk about driverless cars and the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that kicks off in Las Vegas on January 6th. John tells us what he expects to be unveiled at CES on the driverless transportation front.
  • John explains to us the different tiers of regulatory requirements on automation as set forth by the National Highway Safety Transit Administration
  • We discuss some of the opportunities driverless transportation has to improve our lives in the areas of safety, mobility, and the environment
  • John talks about the probability of fatalities getting eradicated altogether thanks to driverless transportation
  • We ask John about the kind of industries that he thinks can be revolutionized by driverless vehicles beyond the obvious ones of shipping and ground transportation
  • We wrap up the podcast by discussing the upcoming 94th annual TRB conference, which will be held in DC on January 11-15. We ask John about the types of presentations taking place at the event that he is most excited about.


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