August 22, 2023

Navigating the Data Revolution: Insights, AI, and the Art of User Experience

Bernie Doone joins us on this episode of The Innovation Engine to delve deep into the intricate world of Information Services. Bernie is no stranger to our listeners, having previously co-hosted episodes featuring insightful dialogues with experts like Marianne Johnson of Cox Automotive and Josh Eastright from Bloomberg Industry Group.

At its core, Information Services revolves around B2B companies whose assets lie predominantly in insights and value-added services. These entities play the crucial role of transforming data into insights and content, combining proprietary, third-party, and publicly available data. Companies like Bloomberg Industry Group and Cox Automotive are stellar examples of Information Services companies that have become digital powerhouses, now offering tools and insights right when their customers need them most.

Throughout the conversation, we uncover key developments and trends in the Information Services sector. From building a common data platform to leveraging metadata for intuitive search, and from creating exceptional user experiences to the importance of research insights — we touch on a number of facets that are reshaping the industry.

Bernie brings a fresh perspective to product development that is sure to broaden your own understanding of what it means to innovate. Join us for this in-depth exploration and garner insights into the ever-evolving world of Information Services, the fascinating intersections with technology and AI, and why this industry can serve as an inspiration for sectors far and wide.

Tune in to the full conversation below to hear valuable insights into how product development teams can shift their focus from a feature-based approach to a business outcomes-based approach, delivering greater value to both users and the organization. You can also watch the full episode via the YouTube embeds below.

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You can tune in to the full episode via the YouTube embed below.

Episode Highlights

  • Deep dive into the Information Services domain and its significance
  • The evolution of giants like Bloomberg Industry Group and Cox Automotive in the digital age
  • Current trends reshaping the sector, from data platforms to personalized user experience
  • The transformative potential of data hubs and their role in accelerating product innovation
  • Differences between data engineering and software engineering
  • Intricacies of Generative AI, its potential, and the challenges that come with it
  • Importance of trust in AI-generated content
  • Bernie’s unique Adventure Race metaphor and its relevance to product development
  • The essence of early validation in product development and innovation


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