Jessica Hall Speaks on Scope Creep at Atlassian Summit

On September 14th, 2017, Jessica Hall presented on scope creep at the Atlassian Summit in San Jose, CA. The Atlassian Summit is a 3-day annual summit for Atlassian product users and developers to come together and discuss how their businesses use the Atlassian product roadmap.

Jessica’s talk, titled “There’s No Such Thing as Scope Creep,” focused on the common misapprehension of scope creep by agile development teams. Scope creep can be a common source of friction between technical teams and stakeholders that leads to an unbalance between requests and changes. However, Jessica argued that what teams believe is “scope creep” is actually the main reason why agile software development first came into existence. Her talk focused on this common misunderstanding and addressed how to manage this situation.

You can view her full presentation below, as well as on the Atlassian Summit website. Her presentation slides are also available on the Atlassian Summit website.

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