October 31, 2012

Investing in the Future with 3Pillar Competency Centers

This is an exciting time to be CTO of a software product development company like 3Pillar. Technological innovation is happening at an unprecedented pace. Rapid advances in mobile, cloud, and big data technologies in the last few years have revolutionized the way software products are envisioned and brought to market.

As new technologies and new capabilities within existing technology families emerge, it is vitally important that a company in 3Pillar’s position have extensive first-hand knowledge of how to harness these game-changing technologies. It’s also important to implement tried and true best practices that all software developers should follow to build products that are maintainable and perform well at “internet scale.” That’s why, in addition to 3Pillar Labs and the Product Design offering we recently announced, we’ve also been working internally for more than six months to bolster 3Pillar’s Competency Centers.

Whereas 3Pillar Labs is responsible for looking ahead at emerging technologies – machine learning based recommendation engines, GoogleTV, and AppleTV, for example – our competency centers revolve around core technologies that are central to our clients’ software product development efforts. The competency centers focus on existing technologies, like iOS development, and staying abreast of the latest developments in those technologies. We currently have competency centers in Java, iOS, Android, and Quality Assurance, and we recently created fresh new competency centers for Windows 8 and User Interface Design.

How Does it Work?

Developers at 3Pillar are aligned around core competencies. Each competency center has leads in the respective delivery center (the United States, Romania, India, and Argentina) where the competency is widely used. The competency center leads are very highly skilled and experienced developers who are responsible for fostering global collaboration, thought leadership, development of a uniform engineering approach, and training and mentoring.

Look for future blog posts from some of our competency center leads on how the competency centers contribute to achieving those goals, and why they make 3Pillar not just a great product partner but a great place to work.