November 11, 2009

Introducing the Three Pillar Product Mindset

Three Pillar is embracing a new perspective on development, strategy, and infrastructure that we call the Product Mindset. It’s an ideology combining our business acumen with our technological proficiency so we can approach client challenges both as top-tier technical experts and as performance-minded business professionals. We’re applying the Product Mindset to the entire Three Pillar portfolio, including software and web-based application development, SAAS, new or redesigned networks and databases, and even architecture and business model optimization.

So why call it the Product Mindset? We want partners, clients, and prospects alike to immediately understand that we empathize with the business demands driving every technical investment. Three Pillar has seen firsthand how organizations are increasingly developing self-funding products. The public and private sector alike now knows that innovation never ceases. Everyone is getting smarter about how to ensure products pay for themselves.

The Product Mindset is designed to drive products to market and fuel continued development through the product’s very own return on investment, rather than requiring huge capital outlay at the beginning of an effort. We’re convinced more and more organizations will benefit from Three Pillar’s Product Mindset and are already recognizing its success in several efforts. Get in touch if want to learn more!