Integrating JMeter and MySQL With Your Database

JMeter is a widely-used tool for performing API testing. It is very easy to automate APIs to send requests and receive responses using JMeter. But many of us have faced a situation when we have to store some values in a database and/or fetch records from a database and then assert the database responses. To address this problem, I have written this blog where we will learn how to integrate a DB with JMeter, fetch the records from the DB, and then assert the records fetched from the DB.


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Vishal Garg

Vishal Garg

Senior Quality Lead Manager

Vishal Garg is working as a Sr. Quality Lead Manager with 3Pillar Global. He brings with him rich experience in the field of Quality Assurance with various domain’s knowledge e.g. Digital Media, Retail Banking, Finance and e-Governance. He has hands on experience in web automation, Mobile Automation, API automation, and Load Testing. Prior to joining 3Pillar Global, he has been associated with reputed organizations like Birlasoft Ltd. and OSI (Open Solutions Inc.).

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  1. Yendluri Ramadevi on

    Need to st Up DB and need to f=get response from that.

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