March 21, 2014

Innovation & The C-Suite, with Bob Eckert

Bob Eckert, CEO of New & Improved, joins us on the 7th episode of "The Innovation Engine" podcast to discuss innovation and the importance C-level leaders have on establishing an innovative workplace and workforce. More than 2 decades of experience working with some of the most highly recognizable companies in corporate America inform Bob’s work and the work he and his colleagues do at New & Improved.

Bob has been cited as an innovation thought leader by Fast Company, and he is the author of, most recently, More Lightning, Less Thunder: How to Energize Innovation Teams, which he co-wrote with our guest from podcast episode #3, Jonathan Vehar. Bob and his Partners have contributed to or established innovation and leadership development programs for 20% of the Fortune 100.

We kick off the conversation discussing an Executive Report that New & Improved recently published titled “Demystifying Innovation Culture Efforts,” which is available for download on the New & Improved site. The report gives 12 different areas that an organization must pay close attention to – including accountability, focus, strategy, governance, environment, and measurement – if they want to ensure the success of their internal innovation efforts.

Among the topics we cover on this episode of the podcast are:

  • Some of the common misperceptions around innovation that he and New & Improved sought to dispel with their recent Executive Report
  • Why it’s just as important for C-level executives to undergo training as it is for their employees.
  • Whether the keys to the innovation castle can rest solely with the CEO of an organization? Listen in to the podcast to get the answers. He adds that Innovation can come from anywhere but it will certainly not come from an organization where the emotional intelligence and innovation leadership skills are low.
  • How the way you treat new ideas can serve as either a catalyst for innovation or an impediment to it.
  • Some direct and indirect ways of ascertaining whether your innovation efforts are headed in the right direction or not.
  • Why curiosity and humility are two of the most important traits of successful innovation leaders.

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