May 6, 2024

Innovation in Healthcare: Why the Future Has Never Been Brighter

Driving innovation in the healthcare space has traditionally been a challenge, to say the least. The good news? Many of the challenges that have stood in the way of unlocking healthcare innovation in the past are now fading into the background. VP of Client Success Carl Rudow and our healthcare industry lead, Steve Rowe, unpack why we may well be entering a golden age of innovation in healthcare on the latest episode of The Innovation Engine.

The reasons why healthcare organizations have been slower to innovate than companies in many other industries are many. Root causes include a dearth of incentives for payers and providers to innovate on their services, an inability to attract engineering and product expertise to the space, and increasingly ossified systems that increase tech debt and hamper innovation.

Recent years, however, have seen a number of positive shifts in the healthcare landscape. These shifts include the emergence of low-code/no-code platforms for application development, the maturation of offerings in the RPA space, and more recently, in areas like generative AI, Vision AI, and machine learning.

As Steve and Carl discuss, each of these trends should give healthcare leaders hope that the industry in general is moving beyond more conversations around healthcare strategy and is becoming more focused on driving the successful execution and implementation of these strategies.

Tune in to the full conversation to find out why the future looks promising for innovation in the healthcare space.

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Episode Highlights

  • The healthcare industry faces challenges in driving innovation due to bad incentives, lack of engineering and product resources, and difficulties in implementing new systems and integrating data.
  • Low code and no code tools are emerging as solutions that empower healthcare organizations to build high-quality custom apps and workflows, enabling engineers to be more productive and improving user experiences.
  • Investing in good user experience design and product strategy for internal applications can lead to strong ROI and better serve patients and members.
  • Innovation in healthcare requires innovative solutions to overcome the barriers and challenges in the industry. Emerging tools like robotic process automation (RPA) and AI have the potential to transform healthcare organizations by automating manual processes and improving decision-making.
  • Data engineering is crucial in leveraging these tools effectively, as it involves standardizing and manipulating data to provide accurate insights.
  • A Product Mindset and understanding of business objectives are essential in healthcare innovation, as they ensure that technology solutions align with the needs of the organization and improve patient experiences.
  • The ultimate goal of healthcare innovation is to provide better care and improve patient outcomes, and technology plays a vital role in achieving this.
  • Healthcare organizations need to embrace these emerging tools and invest in the necessary infrastructure and talent to fully leverage their potential.


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