May 22, 2017

The Innovation Engine from TechCrunch Disrupt New York

For a very special episode of The Innovation Engine, we're bringing you a number of interviews from the floor of last week's TechCrunch Disrupt New York. TechCrunch Disrupt is a bi-annual event that features panel discussions with some of the leading minds in the technology space and serves as a launching pad for the next great batch of tech companies looking to change the world.

3Pillar was a sponsor of this year's conference, so we had a prime location on the showroom floor. That gave us the opportunity to talk with the winners of the TechCrunch Disrupt hackathon about their VR app to help diagnose ADHD, the co-founder of a company that's making bike helmets that can be condensed to the size of a water bottle, the founder of a company who's looking to make filing your tax returns as easy as sending pictures of your W-2 to a certified CPA, and many more.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy this extended episode of The Innovation Engine!

Listen to the Episode

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Show Notes

In order of appearance, the guests who joined us for this episode of the podcast and their companies are:

  • Ruth Chandler Cook, Founder & CEO of HireHer, an HR tech company focused on connecting top female STEM talent with employers
  • Paulina Chapa, Director of Business Development at Paranoid Fan, an app and SDK that digitizes venue management and navigation
  • Akshaya Dinesh, Sowmya Patapati, and Amulya Balakrishnan, the team behind the Hackathon-winning VR app, reVIVE
  • Steven Radley, the SVP of Product Innovation at iHeartRadio, who talks about areas like AI and the connected home that iHeart is currently working on
  • Nick Titus, founder of Myonic, a hardware company looking to help those with paralysis move their limbs again
  • Jordan Zucker and Jordan Schuetz of PubNub, which they describe as "back-end as a service"
  • Bobbie Carlton, the founder of Innovation Women, an online speakers bureau for entrepreneurial and technical women
  • Richard Bezjian, President & CEO of vQuick, a mobile video creation platform for creating short video clips
  • Jason Frishman, Founder & CEO of NetCapital, a service that allows founders to sell equity in their companies to pools of individual investors
  • Jordan Klein, Co-Founder & CEO of Park and Diamond, a company that's making bicycle helmets that can be condensed to the size of a water bottle without sacrificing safety
  • Sama Jashnani, Founder of Down to Dash, a mobile app targeted to college students that connects people with similar interests
  • Alice Cheng, Founder & CEO of TaxDrop, a service that connects individuals to CPAs to easily file their taxes by just submitting photos of their tax documents
  • Barika Edwards, Co-Founder & CEO of OweYaa, a company that connects veterans looking for work with employers
  • Francesca Lubbock and Michael Leviev of iSwile, a company that makes a battery-powered motor with a number of different possible applications, from skateboards to shopping carts to strollers

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