June 20, 2014

Innovation and Technology with Shubber Ali

On this week’s episode of “The Innovation Engine” podcast, we take a look at the connection between technology and innovation. We're in a day and age where technology is a huge enabler of innovation. Gartner's "Nexus of Forces" - social, mobile, cloud, and big data - are revolutionizing companies and industries of all shapes and sizes.

Joining us this week to discuss the "Nexus of Forces" and much more is Shubber Ali, Vice President of Strategic Innovation at SalesForce, an innovation juggernaut in its own right. SalesForce's market cap has grown to more than $30 billion just 15 years after being founded by Marc Benioff, and the company has the unique distinction of being named the World's Most Innovative Company by Forbes for the last 3 years.

Shubber and I discuss some of the challenges he helps some of the world's largest companies face by leveraging mobility, collaboration, speed, simplicity and customer experience. We also talk about some of the unseen opportunities available for companies that can figure out how to harness technology and apply it effectively to their industries.

Here are some more of the highlights from our conversation on innovation opportunities afforded by the technological "Nexus of Forces" Gartner describes:

  • The advent of the "Everything as a Service" model, which has seen companies like Airbnb and Uber creating huge amounts of value in industries like hospitality and transportation
  • Why the social dynamic of the Nexus of Forces is more about collaboration and communication than it is about social networks
  • How the modern corporation has introduced hierarchies that lead to a disconnect between companies and their customers
  • Why the role of the Chief Innovation Officer is not to "be the next Steve Jobs," but rather to facilitate an environment that allows for rapid, measurable innovation
  • The kinds of things to look for in companies if you are looking to bolster your innovation capacity via acquisition, as SalesForce did with Radian6 and Buddy Media.

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