Infographic: Roadmap to a Successful MVP…and a Digital-First Product Mindset

A 2018 Bloomberg report found the digital economy grew at an average annual rate more than 3 times that of the economy as a whole. This is one of many reasons teams and companies are racing to instill a Product Mindset to ensure they will be able to succeed in this new world where digital is king.

Against that backdrop,  one leading retailer recently came to us with an ask: help guide their leadership team through the adoption of a Product Mindset and use it to rapidly deliver a new product to market.

After a six-week, hands-on crash course learning the agile process and how to develop the Product Mindset, the retailer had a preliminary version of a mobile app they were excited about that will continue to be refined and rolled out into additional stores. See the infographic below to find out what it took for them to go from idea(s) to iteration to product launch.

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