December 14, 2017

Highlights of the AWS re:Invent Conference & The Future of Amazon’s Cloud – with Dan Greene

In Take 3, Scene 30, we debrief you on the AWS re:Invent conference that was recently held in Las Vegas. We're joined by Dan Greene, the Director of Cloud Services at 3Pillar, who attended four days of the re:Invent conference and chronicled his experience both on the 3Pillar blog and on his personal Twitter account.

We sat down with Dan to talk about the announcements made at the conference and what he thinks the future holds for AWS.

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Episode Highlights

  • Amazon is expanding AWS at an impressive rate, and more people seem to be interested. Last year, they added about 1,100 new features to the platform and 22,000 people attended this event. This year, they're going to close out on 1,300 new features and 45-60,000 people attended (reports vary, but it was massively oversold).
  • There were 61 new product announcements!
  • Kubernetes is a technology used to orchestrate and coordinate the efforts of people using container-based product deployments. It is the leader in the industry for this space, and AWS is finally offering it as a managed capability.
  • Throughout many of the announcements, Amazon was promoting new "serverless" solutions. (If you want to learn more about serverless architecture, check out Dan's conversation with Derek Tiffany on Take 3, Scene 29.)
  • They announced something new in the machine learning space: Amazon SageMaker. The SageMaker platform promises to lower the barrier for entry for machine learning by providing a marketplace with cloud-optimized algorithms.
  • Newly-announced Amazon Comprehend will offer "natural language processing entity extraction." In simpler terms, it reads a block of text and takes all the "stuff" out of it: people, places, things, companies, key phrases used throughout, etc. Then you can index across multiple things and ask questions like, "How many 3Pillar podcasts mention AWS?"
  • If you want to learn more about the new announcements at re:Invent, you can find Dan's 280-character reactions on Twitter: @MrDanGreene


You can follow Dan's journey at AWS re:Invent on his Twitter: @MrDanGreene.

You can also read Dan's daily recap blog posts form the re:Invent conference for a synthesization of his experiences each day":

About the Guest

Dan Greene is the Director of Cloud Services at 3Pillar Global. Dan has more than 20 years of software design and development experience, with software and product architecture experience in areas including eCommerce, B2B integration, Geospatial Analysis, SOA architecture, Big Data, and has focused the last few years on Cloud Computing. He is an AWS Certified Solution Architect who worked at Oracle, ChoicePoint, and Booz Allen Hamilton prior to 3Pillar. He is also a father, amateur carpenter, and runs obstacle races including Tough Mudder.