December 5, 2023

Go-To-Market First Product Management

Episode 208 of The Innovation Engine podcast.

On this episode of The Innovation Engine podcast, we’re thrilled to welcome Arjun Pillai. Arjun, a seasoned entrepreneur with a rich history of successful ventures, delves into the critical concept of Go-To-Market First Product Management (GTM First Product Management) with us.

Arjun sold his previous company,, to ZoomInfo and then went on to spend 2 years at ZoomInfo, first as SVP of Product Management and Data and then as Chief Data Officer. His experiences as both a startup founder and a C-level leader at an enterprise company with 30,000+ customers have given him deep insight into the many different layers of thinking and strategy product managers need to drive successful product execution.

This episode is a deep dive into why it’s essential to consider market strategy, distribution, and user acquisition right from the inception of a product or feature.

Arjun brings to light the importance of aligning product features with market needs and ensuring these are effectively communicated to customer-facing teams. He shares valuable insights from his experiences at ZoomInfo, emphasizing the evolution of product management and the pivotal role of product demos. Listeners will gain an understanding of how to empower teams for effective product demonstrations and the significance of setting clear goals for feature adoption.

Join us as we explore Arjun’s unique approach to product management at his new venture, Docket, where customer discovery and collaboration are key. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from Arjun’s expertise and understand the nuances of bringing a product to market successfully and making sure the new features you add to a product are impactul. Tune in for a masterclass on product management strategy and execution.

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Episode Highlights

  • Exploring the concept of GTM First Product Management and its importance 
  • Arjun’s experience at ZoomInfo and how it highlights the alignment of product features with market needs
  • The evolving role of product management, shifting from holistic approaches to more specific tasks
  • Importance and strategies for effective product demos, including the use of synthetic data and maintaining separate demo environments
  • Setting and managing goals for feature adoption, with different expectations for different company sizes and markets


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