Digital Entertainment World & More, with Ned Sherman

On this week’s episode of The Innovation Engine podcast, we take a look at the 2016 Digital Entertainment World Expo. We discuss how to get involved in the 2016 start-up competition at the expo, as well as how technology is changing both the Media and Entertainment world and the event world.

Ned Sherman joins us on this episode to discuss those topics and more. Ned is the co-founder and CEO of Digital Media Wire, a digital media company that provides strategic consulting, manages marketing campaigns for digital media brands, and owns and produces industry conferences. Digital Media Wire also publishes daily newsletters and operates the news and community portal.

Ned currently sits on the board of The Technology Council of Southern California and the NAB Show Advisory Council. He is the founder and creator of the Billboard Digital Entertainment Awards, which he sold to VNU/Nielsen in 2006, and is the co-founder and co-creator of Digital Entertainment World, a joint venture with IDG World Expo.

Episode Highlights

Some highlights for this week’s episode include:

  • Ned talks about what to expect from this year’s DEW Expo, including how start-up companies can both participate and compete
  • Ned gives us a few companies from last year’s DEW Expo that he projected to make waves within the Media and Entertainment sector
  • We discuss the new technologies within the media sector and how they’re making an impact on company structure and policy
  • Ned shares his thoughts on

Listen to the Episode

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Show Notes

Will Sherlin

Will Sherlin

Senior Manager of Digital Marketing

Will Sherlin is the Senior Manager of Digital Marketing at 3Pillar Global. He oversees the 3Pillar website and other web properties, hosts 3Pillar’s ‘Innovation Engine’ podcast, and manages 3Pillar’s social media accounts. Prior to its acquisition by 3Pillar, Will was an Account Manager at PointAbout, a DC-based mobile app boutique that specialized in developing iPhone and iPad apps. He holds a BA in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of North Carolina.

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