April 13, 2015

Creating Organizational Change That Lasts, with Stephanie Rowe

On this week’s episode of "The Innovation Engine" podcast we look at creating organizational change that lasts – why it’s important that companies be able to implement change successfully at scale, the role of design thinking and human-centered design in bringing about lasting organizational change, and what anyone in the government space should know about affecting change at government organizations.

To help us get to the bottom of all of this and more is Stephanie Rowe, innovator, entrepreneur, business transformation expert, and MIT Sloan Fellow. Stephanie is the Founder of Design Thinking: DC, a Meetup group with more than 2000 members that brings together innovators with backgrounds in business, design, technology and beyond to learn and share best practices in the world of design thinking and innovation.

Stephanie has over 20 years of management experience, including a 15-year stint as a Senior Executive at Accenture, where she specialized in managing complex, large-scale transformation initiatives for Fortune 100 companies across multiple industries. Stephanie also spent just over 3 years at the TSA, where she led a complete re-engineering of the passenger screening process and culturally transformed the 50,000-plus TSA security operations workforce.

Here are some highlights from this podcast episode with Stephanie Rowe:

  • We open the discussion by asking Stephanie about organizational change and why it’s a necessary skill for companies to thrive in today’s business world.
  • We ask Stephanie what she thinks is the root cause – or root causes – of the difficulty in making successful large-scale change in most organizations?
  • Stephanie talks about human-centered design, which is largely synonymous with design thinking, and how human-centered design can be applied to bring about organizational change?
  • We discuss her time at MIT, where Stephanie was an MIT Sloan Fellow. She tells us about her experience in particular with the MIT Media Lab and some of the cutting edge work she saw during her time there.


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