June 15, 2015

Building Your Own Innovation Engine, with Scott Anthony

On this week's episode of The Innovation Engine podcast, we look at how to build your company's very own innovation engine. We talk about the four component pieces that drive an innovation factory, what the first 90 days of building your innovation engine should look like, and why it's important to kill "zombie projects" that drain valuable time and resources.

Scott Anthony, Managing Partner at Innosight, joins us to discuss all of this and much more. Innosight is an innovation and growth consulting firm that works with companies worldwide to develop innovation strategies and skills that promote their long-term, sustained growth.

In addition to his work with Innosight, Scott has written numerous books, including The First Mile: A Launch Manual for Getting Great Ideas Into the Market, The Little Black Book of Innovation, and the Harvard Business Review Single Building a Growth Factory. He is a regular columnist for the Harvard Business Review and is a frequent speaker on the topics of innovation and success, having delivered keynote addresses on five different continents and appeared on both Good Morning America and CNBC.

Episode Highlights

Some highlights from this week's episode include:

  • Scott talks about why he believes Citigroup and Procter & Gamble are examples of successful innovation-focused companies, and what your company can do to emulate them
  • We discuss Scott's "Minimum Viable Innovation System" and the building blocks that go into it
  • Scott talks about the physical office environment at Innosight, which they have set up to be conductive to innovation

Listen to the Episode

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Show Notes