July 15, 2013

Apache Hadoop – A Rapidly Emerging Technology

The avalanche of data available today holds immense potential value for enterprises. Processed the right way, data can help gather invaluable insights, study trends, create innovative new products, and bring in measures to ward off competition. Analyzing complex sets of structured and unstructured data remains one of the biggest challenges in the big data realm. Out of the many emerging technologies, Apache Hadoop, an open source software framework written in Java, aims to address this significant need.

In 2004, Google Labs published the MapReduce algorithm. Doug Cutting was quick to realize the immense value of it, and he created Hadoop, modeled on the MapReduce algorithm. Hadoop helps reduce the complexity of processing huge amounts of data.

Here are some of the benefits that our Java developers can help extract from the implementation of Apache Hadoop:

  • Handles all Kinds of Data – Apache Hadoop is schema less and has the ability to handle all kinds of data including unstructured formats. All your data can be put inside the Hadoop cluster for interpretation, irrespective of whether these follow a set schema or not.
  • Delivers Cost Savings – Hadoop is advantageous over legacy systems, as it can process large amounts of information in a cost-efficient manner. The use of commodity cluster computing versus microcomputers results in significant cost savings.
  • Helps in Gathering Invaluable Insights – The fact that you get to store all your information inside the Hadoop cluster makes it possible to arrive at a logical interpretation of information based on all your data (structured or unstructured), not just bits and pieces of it.
  • Excellent Choice When Scalability is a Concern – Data formats remain unchanged at the time of adding new nodes, making it an excellent framework when it comes to scalability. Some of the more recognizable users of the Hadoop framework are companies like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and The NY Times.
  • Continuous Improvements – Apache Hadoop has a rich ecosystem of a large community of developers that are constantly working towards improving this framework. It is precisely this collaborative work in open source development community that has resulted in it being a preferred choice over proprietary software.

Apache Hadoop can be the answer for organizations looking to use data-driven insights to reorganize, innovate and create new revenue streams.  To read more of our thoughts in the big data space, see Dorel Matei’s post on Big Data and CQL and Sayantam Dey’s post on Apache Mahout.