November 7, 2012

3Pillar Competency Centers: Developing a Uniform Engineering Approach

As a software product development partner that works with clients to rapidly design, develop, and iterate custom software products, 3Pillar’s development teams have the good fortune to work on a diverse portfolio of client engagements. We’re currently performing work for roughly 70 clients, and we are deploying products that utilize a wide variety of technologies, including iOS, Java, .NET, Python, HTML, CSS, and Ruby on Rails, just to name a few.

The challenge for a company like ours, whose charter is to partner with clients to bring their software products to life, is maintaining a unified approach to software development as opposed to a siloed one. That’s why we’ve made great strides, as Colin deSa wrote about in his most recent blog post, in implementing company-wide engineering standards and practices by way of Competency Centers that revolve around core 3Pillar technologies. One of the main purposes of these Competency Centers is to ensure that we not only view every single client engagement through the same lens, but also that we run all projects using the same development methodology and engineering approach.

For our clients, this means we provide teams that deliver on our promise of rapidly bringing revenue-producing software products to market. That’s why our management team has seen fit to invest in internal training for all our developers in these core technologies, and it’s why members of our Competency Centers throughout the world are compiling an extensive Wiki of engineering best practices and training tutorials.

Just a few of the best practices we have implemented to ensure our engineering approach is the same no matter what the technology or where the work is being done include:

  • Architecture best practices
  • Java design patterns
  • Java coding guidelines
  • Mock testing with Mockito
  • Testing with DBUnit
  • Top 10 iOS Coding practices

Keep an eye on this space for more blog posts from my fellow Competency Center Leads on some of the other ways 3Pillar is investing in the future.