June 21, 2018

3 Topics We Should Be Talking About at BrainstormTech

Our 3Pillar clients, regardless of industry, share one common trait – they need help strategizing, designing, and delivering revenue-generating digital products based on their data. But that is where their similarities stop – we are constantly learning, evolving, and embracing new trends and technologies to deliver impactful digital products for our clients.

As a CEO in the tech industry, it’s important for me to attend events like BrainstormTech to step out of the day-to-day and learn about the next evolution of technologies that we should be using to achieve best-in-class results for our clients. We’re seeing an uptick in work involving AI, voice, and automation. As I head out to Aspen, I’ve made a list of 3 key things I want to hear my colleagues delve into during the event.

Voice Controls & AI

Alexa, Siri and Google Home are in a flat-out war to become the standard AI assistant for your home. Even more importantly, these devices have increased the popularity of audio interfaces as a whole. As we do more and more AI work with our clients, I’m interested to hear from Toni Reid, Amazon’s VP of Alexa Experiences & Echo Device, on her perspective on standardization of voice controls and AI, and how she perceives their impact on the future of business.

The Impact of the Gig Economy

Over the past few years there have been multiple conversations about the gig economy, but they tend to focus on those companies who are fueling the gig economy services. With Ikea’s recent acquisition of TaskRabbit, I’m hoping to learn from TaskRabbit’s CEO Stacy Brown-Philpot’s talk about how Ikea is embracing the gig economy to transform their own operations.

Retail Disruption

There’s no lack of noise around the fate of the retail industry. With Payless, HHGregg, RadioShack, Gymboree, and even the legendary Toys ‘R Us among the dozens of retailers that have gone bankrupt over the past year, it’s time for the industry to figure out the future of retail outside of Amazon. I’m interested to hear from Richard Liu at JD.com, China’s biggest retailer, about what they are doing to set themselves apart in a “retail-as-a-service” business.

Each year, I make time to attend 3-4 marquee events that influence how I shape 3Pillar’s strategy, and BrainstormTech has been a staple for the last 4 years. So much so that for the second time this coming year, I’ll be bringing my executive team with me. I’m looking forward to discussing these topics and others with my peers and hearing key insights into the latest trends in technology, customer experience, and the digital economy.

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