3 Principles Driving Digital Innovation in Retail

Ever-changing customer demands and technology have worked hand-in-hand to transform the retail industry with everything from mobile apps and online shopping to data-driven personalized recommendations, and next-day delivery. However, it’s more than just replicating store experiences online. Retailers must leverage digital experience to enhance their brand, engage customers with unique buying journeys, and open themselves up to new revenue streams that will add value to the customer.

The old digital product development model no longer works in this complex environment and companies can no longer evaluate success on old metrics.

3Pillar Global has driven digital innovation with its clients by embracing three specific principles. To win customer loyalty with unique experiences, retailers must

  • Solve for Need – Leverage data to identify customer needs then build digital products to meet those needs
  • Minimize Time to Value – Bring digital solutions to market quickly and continually improve
  • Excel at Change – Support ongoing, customized innovation

To learn more about the three principles that drive innovation and how retailers can ensure they’ll remain competitive no matter what the new normal becomes, download our newest eBook, 3 Principles Driving Digital Innovation in Retail.

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