September 28, 2021

178 | Three Key Frameworks for Innovation in Design with Bob Moesta

How do you take your disruptive ideas and quickly turn them into products consumers want?

Bob Moesta is a one-man innovation engine. He’s the principal architect of the jobs-to-be-done theory along with Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen. He’s Founder, President, and CEO of the Rewired Group, a consulting firm dedicated to helping companies innovate better, cheaper, and faster. They’ve done so for over 3,500 products and services across countless industries.

We speak about the challenges he faces in helping companies rethink how they do business, and his new book, Demand-Side Sales.


What are demand-side sales?

  • We only need to innovate where the customers or targeted demographic are actually struggling.
  • Instead of talking about features and benefits of their technology or product, companies need to focus on the moments of struggle and how they people can pull your product into their life.
  • Supply-side is all of the communication we use to push our products out, but demand side is all about how people find us and pull it into their life.

Three key frameworks for product innovation

  • The supply-side/demand-side notion. Supply side focuses on building a product first and then figuring out who to sell it to. When you look at demand-side, you think about all of the different people who need something and what reason they decide they need your product in their life. It’s about looking for where consumption happens.
  • The timeline of decision-making follows six phases. First, the customer has a thought. Then they start passively looking. Then they move to actively looking, but they don’t yet understand the tradeoffs they might have to make. As they move to deciding, they start to learn and understand those tradeoffs. Next is the first use of that product, and what they are hoping for from it. And last is the ongoing use.
  • The third framework is that nothing is random; everything has cause to it. If we can understand the causal mechanisms, we can insert our products into it. This goes back to the “push” and “pull” of supply and demand.


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