October 7, 2020

171 | Transformation Turnaround: Creating Successful Change & Transformation with Riddhi Gupta

There are a lot of strategies for transformation within an organization —  and a lot of misconceptions about what organization transformation even means — but, no matter what tactics or strategies you use, the first step of any successful organizational transformation requires grounding people in purpose and alignment.

Our guest today is Riddhi Gupta. She is an agile transformation leader focused on people, products, and organizations, and she’s held senior roles at Wells Fargo, AIG, and Bank of America. She’s also done a lot for the community as a founding board member of Agile Week Charlotte and a leader in Women in Agile, Charlotte Metro. Hear Riddhi talk about the importance of the human factor in successful transformation, and why grounding those humans in purpose and alignment is so critical. If you’re looking for a new set of tools to add to your digital transformation toolbox, you’re about to get them.


What Makes Transformation Work

  • The key ingredients for enacting a successful turnaround are purpose, assessing the current state, measurement, engagement, and education.
  • Really define what the purpose of the transformation is: Do you want to be nimble? Do you want to be fast? Do you want it to be cheaper?
  • Businesses are always so focused on the target state that they forget where they are starting their transformation journey from. So, make sure you really assess that starting point; know what it is that you’re lacking and know what it is that you’re good at.
  • You always measure what you treasure. Make sure you have guardrails and actual metrics that you want to measure your progress (or lack thereof) against.
  • Transformations cannot be successful in a silo. It is an act of collaboration.
  • It is incredibly important to invest in training, workshops, and ongoing coaching for anyone involved in the transformation.

Common Mistakes in Digital Transformation

  • True alignment is key. Many businesses silo off the aspects of their business, but in transformation, everybody needs to roll up their sleeves and get into the trenches together.
  • Purpose is key to a successful transformation, and not having it clearly defined is one of the most common mistakes companies make. Make sure everyone is aligned to the same purpose.
  • Not having enough risk awareness. There are already enough risks in business, but that is exponentially increased during transformation due to the number of unknowns.



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