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  • Reserve

    Not your legacy asset management tool

    • Desks, meeting rooms, parking spaces, etc.
    • Team-based booking
    • Rotation schedules
    • Built-in permission and approval
    • Integration with co-working facilities
    • Neighborhoods and Collaboration spaces
    • Interactive maps
  • Manage

    Distributed responsibilities, automated workflows

    • Automated permission and approval
    • Zone-based delegated management
    • Sanitization
    • Alerts and notifications
    • Forecast office demand
  • Plan

    Create a hybrid workplace for your teams

    • Membership-based seating permission
    • Neighborhoods and departments
    • A.I. space planning
    • Safe maximum capacity computation
    • Dynamic distancing
    • Capacity management
  • Measure

    Your data, at your fingertips

    • Allocation and occupancy
    • Utilization
    • Trends and patterns
    • Demands
  • Integrate

    Tight integration for better user experience

    • Active Directory
    • MS Exchange
    • Google G-suite
    • HRIS
    • Key fob and security systems
  • Secure

    Where safety meets security

    • Virtual lobby
    • Capacity management
    • Health questionnaires
    • Visitor pre-screening


Where can I download HIVE?

HIVE is available on Google Play Store and AppleApp Store for free.

Can anyone login into HIVE? How do I get my login credentials?

Only authorized users are allowed to log into HIVE. Login credentials must be granted by company administrator or accessed via LDAP integration (e.g. Active Directory, WorkDay, OKTA, etc.)

What are the hardware requirements for HIVE?

HIVE is a cloud-based platform, the mobile app is compatible with both Android and iOS.

How do I access HIVE from my browser?

HIVE mobile app could be optionally accessed using a browser. HIVE administration portal is a web application designed for the browser.

Can I book any desk or does HIVE assign me a desk automatically?

If the user has an assigned desk/office, HIVE offers that as the first choice when the user makes a reservation. HIVE also allows the user to reserve a desk in shared areas via the browsing feature, as long as the user is authorized to access these shared areas in the office. Area access is granted by user group.

Can I book the same desk each time I come in?

Yes, a user can reserve the same desk repeatedly. If the desk is assigned to them, or if the desk was added in HIVE as their preferred choice, the reservation can be made in two clicks.

What happens if someone else books a desk too close to me?

With HIVE, it is not possible for a user to book a desk too close to another person as those desks are automatically made unavailable for booking by the app. HIVE keeps track of the distances amongst all the desks and offices, and it dynamically excludes desks from reservation if they are too close to a reserved or occupied desk.

Can I book a desk close to a specific person?

Yes, and HIVE will maintain safe distance dynamically by making available only those desks beyond social distancing parameter for booking when a user wants to reserve a desk next to another person or a specific person.

Can I book a desk for someone else?


How do I know the desk I am booking is clean?

An uncleaned desk is not available for reservation or check-in until it is marked cleaned in the HIVE app by the custodial staff or administrator.

Can I use this app to book my parking spot?

Yes, HIVE can be used to manage other bookable assets such as parking spots, projectors, lockers, etc.

How will I know who else is on premise?

Through the HIVE floor map screen. For the current day, HIVE’s floor map also reveals which staff member has already checked into the app.

How many people are allowed in the meeting room?

It is possible to specify capacity limit for meeting rooms in HIVE. HIVE will enforce capacity restriction in reservation and check in.

How do I see if I have booked my desk correctly?

Users can examine their reservations and see exactly where they will be sitting using HIVE’s booking screen and the scrollable floor maps.

Do I need to complete the questionnaire before I can book a desk?

If the location is configured to require health-screening before check-in, the user must successfully complete the questionnaire applicable to the location before checking in. However, one can reserve a desk/office without completing a questionnaire.

How do I know if I need to complete a questionnaire before checking in?

When a user checks into a location that requires health screening through HIVE, HIVE will present the relevant questionnaire to the user. The user will not be able to check in without successfully completing the questionnaire.

Is everyone required to complete the questionnaire?

In HIVE, each location can be assigned a unique questionnaire appropriate for the municipality or nationality. A user is presented only the questionnaire associated to the location they are checking into.

How do I know which questionnaire to use?

If a location requires health screening, all users must successfully complete the relevant questionnaire before they can check into their desks.

Can I complete the questionnaire before I arrive at my destination?

The appropriate health-screening questionnaire is available on the day of the reservation. Users can complete the health-screening before leaving for their destination on the day of the reservation.

What will happen if I fail the health-screening questionnaire?

If a user fails a health-screening questionnaire, HIVE administrator will be immediately alerted. This user will be automatically locked out of the HIVE app to prevent them from making new reservations and checking in. This user’s future reservations will also be canceled.

Who has the ability to restrict someone from coming in or using the app?

HIVE administrators can lock a user’s access to HIVE in order to restrict them from checking in and making reservations. HIVE can be integrated with physical access control platforms to disable key fobs/security badges in order to prevent someone from gaining physical entry to a location.

How can I ensure my team is desking together?

Floor space can be managed by zone in HIVE, and zones can be assigned to user groups such that only those belonging to the group are allowed to reserve desks in the zones. By assigning a team to a zone(s), team members will be able to sit together.

What happens when a team member becomes unwell?

Administrators and HR representatives can first use HIVE to lock out the team member and prevent them from making new reservations or checking in. They can then use the automated tracing report to identify staff members and visitors that have shared the same desk, zone or floor with the unwell team member.

How can I tell who has been in the office during a period of time or at any given time?

Administrators and HR representatives have access to reports in the HIVE Administration Portal to report on occupancy over a period of time, in a specific zone, etc.

Will I be able to perform analysis on who, when, and how frequently someone is coming into the office?

Administrators and HR representatives have access to detailed occupancy reports in the HIVE administration Portal and these reports can be sent via email to the administrators in EXCEL format for further analysis.

How will the custodians know which desks to clean?

HIVE administrators can print out the cleaning report for the custodians to let them know which desks or offices require deep cleaning. Alternatively, custodians could be granted access to the “To Do” function on the HIVE app, and only that function. Through this function, custodians can access the live office floor maps to find out which desks require cleaning, and mark them as sanitized after cleaning.

How do the custodians indicate the desk has been cleaned?

Custodians could be granted access to the “To Do” function of HIVE app, and mark desks and offices as “cleaned” as they sanitized these assets. Once marked, the desks will be ready for reservation and check-in. Alternatively, custodians could mark the cleaned desks on the cleaning report printed by HIVE administrator, return the report to the administrator when the cleaning is complete, and let the administrators mark those desks as “cleaned” in HIVE.

Does a visitor need to use the app to check in?

No, invited guests could be checked in by the receptionist or staff members via the app, with the appropriate health-screen questionnaire. Visitors could also scan the HIVE Gate™ check-in QR code at the entrance which will take the visitors through the questionnaire and check-in process, resulting in an on-app verification QR badge as proof.

Does the visitor need to complete an entry questionnaire?

Yes. In order to check into locations that require health screening visitors need to complete the questionnaire specific to the location. They can do so by initiating the check-in process via the HIVE Gate™ entrance QR code, or they could be guided through the process by staff members via the HIVE app.

How do I know a visitor is in the office?

Staff members can consult the HIVE app to see if their guests have checked in. HIVE administrators can see which visitors are in the office through the occupancy report.

Can we restrict a visitor to a certain area?

When a visitor checks in via HIVE Gate™, they may be presented with a list of possible designations accessible through the entrance. Visitors can be restricted to these areas. When a staff member invites a guest to the office, they can assign the guest to a meeting room, a desk or an office for their visit.

Can I book a seat for a visitor?

Yes. When the visitor checks in, they will need to complete the check-in process and health-screening questionnaire through HIVE Gate™ QR code or a staff member via the app.

How do I know who the visitor is seeing?

When a staff member invites a guest, HIVE captures the staff member name as a part of the visit record.

Where is HIVE hosted?

HIVE is a fully SaaS-based platform, hosted in Google Cloud in North America.

Do my personal details get saved?

Data privacy is paramount in HIVE. HIVE only collects information explicitly volunteered by the user and it does not capture or save personal details.

Does HIVE track my movement?

No. HIVE only collects information explicitly volunteered by the user and it does not capture or save personal details or movement data.

Is HIVE AI Insight™ a surveillance tool?

No. The AI Insight™ optional add-on does not store or transmit images ever. It uses broadly available webcams to monitor the occupancy level by counting anonymized images of people. It is used strictly to count the number of people in an area, or number of people entering and exiting an entrance. The tool has no facial recognition capabilities and cannot differentiate between genders and body shapes from the obfuscated images.