Get in the Minds of Your Members Webinar


You think you know your members, but do you really? We all need to stop assuming we know what's best for gym members and start asking the right questions. Approaching technology with a member-centric mindset builds experiences that meet them where they are and motivates them to continue on their fitness journey. Learn what it means to be member-centric, techniques to understand your members, and ways to utilize those insights to keep them engaged.

About the Hosts

Elisabeth Beller, VP Health & Wellness and Financial Services at 3Pillar Global

Elisabeth Beller

Elisabeth Beller heads 3Pillar’s Health & Wellness and Financial Services verticals. She is responsible for overseeing a team of Client Partners that ensure client success from a business and delivery perspective. She excels at understanding customer, business and technology needs and identifying solutions to solve big problems.

Zareen Isaac

Zareen Isaac is a Client Partner for the Health & Wellness industry at 3Pillar Global. She is responsible for the health and growth of strategic 3Pillar client relationships, with a focus on helping companies derive value out of the digital platforms that support their customers in the healthcare or fitness space.

Zareen Isaac, Client Partner, Health & Wellness

About 3Pillar  

  3Pillar Global is a product lifecycle management and software development company based in Fairfax, VA with offices around the world. If you're interested in continuing the conversation on member-centric strategies in the Health and Wellness space, please fill out the form below and someone from our team will reach out to you.  

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