Building a content delivery platform that's built to last


PBS knew they needed an advanced development team in order to meet their business goals and improve content distribution. After other outsourcing approaches didn’t measure up, PBS turned to 3Pillar for guidance in establishing an internal product development team capable of understanding their needs and building to scale. We were the catalyst that allowed them to do this quickly and effectively.

We began by providing interim product management and product development training to help shape an internal agile environment. PBS was able to optimize their skill sets in developing product road maps and innovating their products through new technology.

In order to meet their need of developing a digital ecosystem, we worked with PBS to conceptualize the idea and accelerate development and deployment of the various products within the ecosystem. As the number of mobile device platforms has proliferated, so too has 3Pillar’s ability to provide PBS with the product development expertise necessary to meet those demands. From Android to Kindle Fire to Apple TV to Chromecast, we have worked with PBS to bring their award-winning content everywhere viewers want to consume it.

The results? Nothing short of spectacular. In one recent month, Americans watched more than 264 million videos across all of PBS’ web, mobile, and connected device platforms. 83% of those streams were delivered on a mobile platform. And PBS’ general audience and PBS Kids mobile apps have been downloaded a combined 58 million times and counting.