Liv-ex needed a development partner that could optimize their online wine trading system and could support the rapid growth of their business while also keeping pace with the evolving digital landscape. Their goal was to revolutionize the subjective way wine had been bought, sold, and valued for centuries in the fine wine trading market by creating new standards of efficiency and transparency.

We worked closely with Liv-ex by initially understanding their desired product and business outcomes. We then implemented an agile software product development process – our Adaptive PLM Methdology – from the ground up to help them get to market quickly. As a result, we helped vastly improve the speed, reliability, and accessibility of Liv-ex’s industry-leading trading platform through a completely redesigned experience end-to-end.

Liv-ex was also collecting huge volumes of valuable market data, which provided significant opportunities to analyze and monetize that information. One opportunity was to create data feeds that could deliver in-depth insights into market activity.

We helped Liv-ex by envisioning this solution and applying our Adaptive PLM to quickly develop the product so Liv-ex could get it to market. We helped deploy a scalable database that enabled them to create a new subscription-based data service that ultimately drove an additional revenue stream. This new product captured the attention of international collectors and traders and drives a substantial percentage of Liv-ex’s current revenue.

Our dedicated team of product engineers also serve as the core development component of the Liv-ex product organization. We work collaboratively across all avenues of the business, including providing technical support for customers. Liv-ex was able to increase sales by 900% from 2005-2011 and now generates over £50 million a year in sales. 3Pillar and Liv-ex have worked in tandem for years to build and advance their entire product portfolio.  Since we began working with them, Liv-ex has since helped grow the fine wine industry by £1Billion.