Customizing Products to Drive Value in Local Markets

The largest provider of Spanish-language media in the US launched a set of mobile applications across its affiliate network with custom content and targeted strategies to increase audience engagement and ad revenue.


Audience stewardship, product partnership

A national market leader, the network sought a product partner to:

  • Activate their deep analytics and audience insights
  • Break into local markets, delivering content like local news and sports
  • Build community with an app presence



Give audiences exactly what they want, locally

Through more granular market segmentation, the client aimed to:

  • Activate users
  • Increase usage
  • Boost ad sales


Consultative, Adaptive Product Lifecycle Management

Through building local apps for the App Store and Google Play, 3Pillar Global became a trusted advisor, managing the engineering team throughout the development process to instill best practices around:

  • Agile methodology and prioritization
  • User story writing
  • Meeting cadence to plan a few sprints ahead



Achieving the network’s vision

3Pillar launched 18 unique, custom mobile apps that penetrated local markets and collectively increased engagement by 347%. Continuing to drive success, the apps deliver highly trafficked, informative, and monetized content:

  • Horoscope and lottery
  • Real-time breaking news and weather alerts
  • Short-form sports and entertainment videos
  • Local station broadcast livestreams
  • Text-based articles and live blogs