Built with protection at the core, the #1 US podcast publisher’s custom, open-source, podcast analytics SDK ensures listener rights and sets a new standard in accurate engagement insights — paving the way for the maturation of podcast analytics and the growth of the podcast ad market.

There’s a sense of pride in the partnership that comes through, and it’s what sets you apart.
– VP, New Platform Partnerships


Understanding and optimizing listener experiences

As the industry leader in podcasts, the organization set out to fix podcast analytics for the entire community. No standard existed for measuring podcast listening data beyond the download, leading to an insight gap as to whether audiences were listening and for how long.

IAB forecast podcast ad revenue to hit $659M by 2020. Tech and analytics would have to mature to support and optimize that target. Having achieved success on two prior initiatives, our valued client knew 3Pillar Global was up to the challenge.

I like how you always ask “why?” but in a respectful way.
– Sr. Director of Digital Technology


Delivering value months ahead of schedule

The client and 3Pillar ran an in-person, collaborative summit to ideate and define the product roadmap. Our MVP approach centered on feedback from leaders in the space: iHeartMedia, Google, ESPN, and Apple Podcasts.

The client was forward-thinking enough to build a consortium of media, technical, and podcast publishing companies across the space. In collaboration with the client, we built an SDK that empowers podcast publishers to measure true listener engagement, while respecting user privacy. Our agile and lean workflow-enabled rapid prototyping, allowing the organization to see value right away. In just seven months, the SDK launched.

Communication is great. I am grateful for the flexibility. They just understand — they can adjust quickly. I’m very pleased with adjustments, especially new features.
– Product Manager, Podcasts & Social


Leading the way in podcasts and products

While focusing on full integration with adtech and hosting providers, the client formed a consortium of media companies and podcast publishers, committed to using the SDK and helping it become the standard for podcast analytics measurement beyond the download. This product sends a message to the industry that the organization is leading the way, not only in podcast publishing but also in digital product development.