Knocking Scalability And Usability Out Of The Park

With a consolidated API, updated foundational technology, and optimized infrastructure, ParkMobile fast-tracked the next generation of their app and put partners back in the driver’s seat.

ParkMobile displays parking inventory from garage, venue, and municipality partners, facilitating transactions and enabling millions of users to easily find and pay for parking on their mobile devices.


ParkMobile needed creative software solutions to improve inherited systems.

Running on an outdated platform and pulling disparate data from multiple sources, ParkMobile partners and employees were faced with complex, time-consuming experiences. Partners couldn’t independently administer their parking information due to hard-to-use systems. Employees had to manage each account manually, increasing operating expenses and hindering scale. ParkMobile wanted to optimize operations and remedy this competitive disadvantage but could not start from scratch and invest in a new infrastructure.


3Pillar Global automated back-end operations and streamlined processes for partners to update their information.

As part of a series of recommendations on partner-facing infrastructure upgrades, our team consolidated the back-end API to integrate the dispersed systems and data. We created a Self-Service Portal to optimize the experience of updating parking inventory and rates, empowering partner autonomy and freeing up employee resources.


What used to take weeks, now takes minutes. ParkMobile invests cost savings in continued innovation and revenue generation.

ParkMobile is driving operational efficiencies and experiencing rapid growth. With 3Pillar managing the product by their side, ParkMobile’s next-gen app integrates with digital parking meters to add on-street parking to their reserved and event parking revenue streams, expanding their presence to major cities across the U.S. Their product has exceeded performance benchmarks, significantly improved partner satisfaction, and received top reviews at trade shows.