Leveraging Technology to Drive Customer Engagement

The insurance industry does not have the reputation of being the pinnacle of technological innovation which often leaves customers frustrated and unengaged. Consumers today expect to have convenient, effortless and personalized digital experiences with every brand and service they use.

Through our longstanding partnership with one of the top three property and casualty insurers in the US, we aimed to change that by bringing them to the forefront of digital innovation. Our collaboration led to the creation of a custom product portfolio including a 4.8 star rated App that leverages augmented reality and machine learning to provide a one-of-a-kind customer experience and cement our client as a leader in the sector.


The property and casualty insurance marketplace is highly competitive and overcrowded, giving consumers the upper-hand. Faced with slowing customer growth, limited points of customer engagement, overburdened call centers, and high operating costs, the client turned to 3Pillar Global to re-imagine the customer journey and create a one-of-a-kind digital experience with their brand.


Building on their reputation for ease of use, we utilized emerging technology to personalize and streamline the customer journey, improve customer experience through self-service features, and build brand affinity through new and innovative points of engagement.

We worked closely with our insurance client to identify optimal digital consumer facing features to reduce the demand on their call center resources, in an effort to optimize utilization. With a very tight project timeline, we leaned heavily on 3Pillar’s signature Product Mindset by leveraging high performing teams and focusing on business outcomes to bring a world-class mobile app to market.


Using product strategy and design thinking, and applying 3Pillar’s product development model, our teams closely partnered with client leadership to build an all-encompassing mobile app featuring an infrastructure and UX that addresses the needs of their customer and relieves the resourcing burden on our client.

We developed innovative features creating an omnichannel customer experience that allow our client’s customers to create and pay their policies, file claims, and experience unique and engaging touchpoints. All with a goal of reducing risk and resourcing for our insurance client, while building customer loyalty.

  • Renters Insurance Application: Using augmented reality and machine learning, customers can use their smartphone to scan rooms in their home in real-time to generate a list of items for coverage.
  • Virtual Car Inspection: Using augmented reality customers can scan their car for damage after an accident and receive estimates for repair costs instantly.
  • Points of Interest: Using a feature we developed, customers can search for gas stations, restaurants, and other points of interest near their current location in-app.


By providing a technical, self-service solution for filing claims and paying policies in-app, we have reduced customer time-to-coverage and increased premium collections. This functionality drove a decrease in call center volume, saving our client valuable time and resources.


As consultative co-innovators, our client has revolutionized their digital product offering to establish technological leadership across the entire car category.

Over the last 10 years, 3Pillar’s agile methodology, rapid production pace, and innovative problem solving has continued to drive the development of new features, improve the user experience and streamline business processes. One of the 3 key principles of our Product Mindset is that a product is never done. As such, we have continued to iterate and continually improve, through digital product innovation throughout our partnership to ensure the product uses the latest technological capabilities.

“When I’m working with 3Pillar, I know that I’m working with a highly skilled team of individuals who are as invested in the success of a product as anyone else on the team.”
— Lead Software Engineer